Agricultural R&D in Africa is low and mostly public institution funded.


We endevour to do our very own R&D from time to time to keep abreast of the times.Our Agribusiness advisory is based upon practical and updated information.


In prospective projects,as a Synergy does the following:


i)Undertake needs Assessment

ii) Synergy amongst Stakeholders

iii) Project Identification,Planning and Management




EISA brings together expertise from diverse backgrounds in finding solutions in rural development and natural resource management.


Inclusive Agribusiness Development



Enterprise support in finding for our clients appropriate business models,value chains, market linkages,and project support in creating participatory market systems .

Facilitate collaboration across stakeholders,share learning and the development of good practice.


Environmental Assessments ,Climate                        Adaptation & Mitigation

EISA provides services in baseline research, impact assessment and monitoring, evaluation and learning for projects related to poverty reduction,rural development,forestry, and particularly in agri-based and eco-friendly projects.



                 EISA implements Projects as a Sub-Contractor and Consultant.

At EISA we understand the complexity of relationships between climate change and smart agriculture,market systems and it’s actors, sociocultural factors,policy environment,relation between poverty and gender.



EISA  understands need to move from informal subsistence farming to commercial agribusiness and the social economic factors crucial in creation of Inclusive Business Enterprise at the Bottom of Pyramid.




EISA leverages on a Synergy of Experience, Expertise,Good Practice and Innovation.


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